I would never like to be an event organiser myself but I am a strong believer in the proverb ‘The outsider sees the most of the game.’ It is simpler for me to advise an over-laden events team or ineffective Charity Committee, who often miss the key ingredients of a successful fundraiser. The better the event the more likely the audience will feel inclined to support the cause financially.

So have you got it right? – Ask yourself 20 questions:

  1. Are you giving yourself enough lead time?
  2. Is the ticket price right?
  3. Is the venue the right one?
  4. Have you done a comprehensive budget?
  5. Have you got a realistic fundraising target?
  6. Do you have enough of the ‘right’ people coming?
  7. Do you have enough entertainment?
  8. Does the room have a good sound system?
  9. Can you make the room look inviting?
  10. How are you going to sell the event?
  11. Have you got the right Auctioneer?
  12. Have you got access to the right Auction items?
  13. Are you using the best Silent Auction Company?
  14. Have you nailed your running order?
  15. Do you have the right Master of Ceremonies?
  16. Have you checked the date doesn’t conflict?
  17. Black Tie, Lounge Suit or Smart/Casual?
  18. Have you got an attractive sponsor’s package?
  19. Is the event one they would attend again?
  20. Have you taken fundraising advice?

I am in awe of successful event organisers and the amount of time charity workers give to support fundraising events.

However, it is heart-breaking when after all the sweat and tears the event doesn’t achieve the fundraising target.

It is always for a reason which will feature in the questions above.

The Running Order is the key – start promptly, auction at the right time, fast- moving, no extended comfort breaks, get the entertainer(s) on at the right time and above all, finish on time.